8.6.23 Here’s How The LEXUS DESIGN AWARD Is Driving Innovation For A Better Tomorrow

20.5.23 Lexus Design Award: The New and Improved
Art and Design 
Magazine China by Yen

13.5.23 The Lexus Design Award 2023 Winners put on a Grand Exhibition at Milan Design Week
Yanko Design

12.5.23 Lexus Design Award exhibition displays “Power of Design” at Milan Design Week

12.5.23 Interview: Four Lexus Design Award 2023 Winners Shape the Future

12.5.23 The Lexus Design Award 2023 ventured into new realms, emphasising reuse and reimagining

23.4.23 Climate And Community Led Fuorisalone At Milan Design Week 2023

21.4.23 Lexus Design Award 2023: meet the winners and vote for the Your Choice Award

21.4.23 Vote for the “Your Choice Award” of the Lexus Design Award 2023!
Yanko Design

20.4.23 Lexus Design Award 2023: SHAPED BY AIR Meet this year’s Lexus Design Award winners
SLEEK Magazine

18.4.23 Lexus Design Award switches up the brief of r2023 with 4 winning designs. Vote for the Your Choice Award Now!
Yanko Design

3.3.23 Lexus Design Award 2023 announces winning entries

27.2.23 LEXUS DESIGN AWARD reveals four social innovation winners for 2023

27.2.23 Lexus to Present LEXUS DESIGN AWARD and Shaped by Air, an Homage to the Lexus Ethos of Sustainability, Innovation, and Design Excellence During Milan Design Week
Toyota Lexus

8.22 “Shared Space”
Modern Steel Construction Magazine

8.22 “The Sky’s the Limit”
7.22 “Awards of Merit. 36 Concepts. Unbuilt Projects”

13.4.22 Harlem Housing Concept Wins 2022 Forge Prize

13.4.22 Daily digest: Common-Sky wins the 2022 Forge Prize, Disney does affordable housing, and more
13.4.22 Harlem Housing Concept Wins 2022 Forge Prize
Metal Construction News

13.4.22 Harlem Housing Concept Wins 2022 Forge Prize
Modern Steel Construction

14.4.22 Harlem Housing Concept Wins 2022 Forge Prize
Informed Infrastructure

4.22 Common Sky: Reinvigorating Public Housing in New York’s Harlem

25.1.22 Three Visionary Concepts Selected as Finalists for the 2022 Forge Prize

21.1.22 A Brutalist Estate Redesign in UK and a Cacao Waste Village in Ecuador: 10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted to Archdaily

12.1.22 Temporary Office, Common-sky
Afasia Archzine

31.10.21 Common-Sky
29.6.21 Cambodia Remote Hideout Huts “Outside-in” designed by Temporary Office

5.22 Outside In: Cambodia Remote Hideout Huts by Temporary Office
5.21 Outside In - Hut in Cambodia
The Best New Architects

5.4.21 Temporary Office, Outside In Cambodia remote hideout huts
Afasia Archzine

19.2.21 Temporary Office, Ritual of Cleansing
Afasia Archzine

8.2.21 Light of Consistency (Steve Prefontaine Memorial)
Non Architecture

29.1.21 Bridging Views